2010 Election is NOT a cakewalk!


Keep our momentum, increase it!
Be aware of Progressive Democrats changing their tune.


2 Responses to “2010 Election is NOT a cakewalk!”

  1. teapartynm Says:

    Absolutely! We have to act together and change Congress for the sake of America and our children. FoxNews was reporting this morning that although the democrats publicly said the healthcare bill is dead, that actually they are meeting behind closed doors (again!) to see if they can pass it anyway, though the Massachusetts Miracles showed how America really feels about it. We cannot trust this corrupt Congress or WH and we must do everything we can TOGETHER and get them out.

    • Therese Says:

      They are liars and we must not and can not believe what they are saying. What we have to do is watch them. They are not going to give up on their Heath Care agenda because they want power, and will do anything to get it. We owe it to those who have fought and bled for our liberty to never give up, just as they did for us. We owe it to our children and generations to come to stand watch and stop them.

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