You can’t take your eyes off these folks!


Going to try to break it down and pass separate pieces of the Health Care separately to beat the voting approval problem


2 Responses to “You can’t take your eyes off these folks!”

  1. Therese Says:

    We have to know they won’t stop pushing their socialist agenda. WE THE PEOPLE must stop them. Join teapartys be involved and call our Senators and Reps, go to town hall meetings, if they dare to have any more, stand and speak up to preserve America’s freedom and liberty! Then November 2010 we must go and vote them out and put in true Americans.

  2. Emily Cooper Says:

    Sneaky, conniving, back door deals!!! How much of this do we have to put up with? When will they stop and realize that this is not what the people want. They work for us and we must MAKE THEM REMEMBER THAT. They act like kings pushing through their agenda with no thought of what the people want. There are no kings in America! If they won’t stop themselves then we must stop them. They want a revolution on their hands? We will give it to them, we will stay a free country no matter what the cost.

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