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Tonight’s State of the Union Address did little to ensure us our government
is looking out for our liberty, and did much to reconfirm the fact that
Washington is completely out of touch.

The speech, loaded with inaccuracies, empty promises, blame games and
rhetoric, shows us that our elected officials no longer wish to protect our
rights. Instead, they’re looking to expand government and create spending
programs that funnel taxpayer dollars into special interest groups.

The address to the nation leaves us with the same feeling we had back when
Nancy Pelosi and her ilk smiled and clapped as they shoved an
unconstitutional government healthcare bill through the House, knowing full
well that most Americans oppose it.

Our President even had the audacity to put forth the idea of a spending
freeze, then followed the idea up by saying he wouldn’t support it until
next year!

Obama tried to say that if we invest in “green energy,” our country will
once again become a global powerhouse economy. He even poked fun at those of
us who do not agree with overwhelming evidence in support of global warming.
 What world is he living in?

The President claims he can double our exports in five years, but ignores
the fact that our products are not competitive. That’s what unions and
bailouts did for us.

And you know that healthcare legislation the majority of Americans oppose?
 Our President this evening called for a renewed push to get it passed.

At this point, one has to wonder if this government is just completely
ignorant to reality!

The State of the Union can be summed up in one statement… Washington is
completely out of touch with the people it works for.

At that my friends is a dangerous situation for our country. A situation we
simply have to change.

For Liberty,
Eric Odom


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