I read this article (3pg) when it first came out. Recently rediscovered it and thought it might help people understand part of Obama’s actions. He can’t seem to get out of his Community Organization/Campaign Mode, hopping on AF One consistently (at great expense) for this town hall meeting or some face time some way. His past experience has led him to look for crisis areas to highlight and than get others (Congress) work out the suggested fix. If it goes wrong, it wasn’t him!
WHOOPS! He is now PRESIDENT. Have to change way of thinking but he is still in Community Organizer Mode. Just my humble opinion. We still have the 1st Amendment, right?

He still surrounds himself with Czars (activists- in specialized areas. The inner circle. One reason for not giving up his BlackBerry, first for a President.

His morphing of Obama for America TO Organizing for America indoctrination in some schools is spooky. Is any of this going on in NM school systems? I have no input from this area.



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