Politicians should be required to produce Birth Certificate Documents and Social Security Card. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander……………

This is a sore point with me. We have to show a Birth certificate, Social Security Card to get a NM ID or DL. I was trying to get reissued a Handicap sticker (expired by 2 days) for my 93 yr old Mother. She has a valid Miltary Dependants ID Card along with her expired NM ID Card. They wouldn’t accept it. I told the MVD what I thought of their system. I’ll push her wheel chair, “I don’t need no stinkin placard.” Another burr under my saddle about ID’s. About a year ago, I went to withdraw a substantial amount of money from my bank. They wanted TWO ID’s, one of which had to be a Bof A ID. I had my NM DL and my USAF Ret ID. They wouldn’t accept my Military ID. Fortunately, I had a BofA CC. I came very close at pulling all my money out and going to another bank. Hell, I’ve had an account with them since 1974. RANT OVER!


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