BEWARE: I happened to clickin on CSpan on Saturday. Sen Udall was in the middle of a Q&A session at a ‘Center For American Progress’ forum. I thought I would hang around for a while to listen in. After his preliminary Q&A he sat on a panel to discuss policies. The main subject was the 51 majority vote. A lot of emphasis was placed on changing the rules to eliminate the 60 vote majority to prevent filibustering. Found out Udall is on the Senate Rules Committee. Rules can only be changed at the beginning of each Senate Session, meaning when a new Congress takes its seat after the 2 yr election. Rules can not be changed in midterm.
My perception was from the panel that rules can be written to BYPASS some of the requirements of the CONSTITUTION. It was their concept to make the rules to benifit themselves like the HOUSE did and does.  Sen Schumer D NY was also secretly recorded as having the goal of doing the same. RE recorded report on the Beck Program.
That is IF the Democrats can maintain the MAJORITY! LET’S WORK TO MAKE SURE THAT IS HARD TO DO……….


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