They will try to jam this thru too.



  1. Bill Cote Says:

    where are the people here , no comments? have i found a inactive tea party.
    What is the state of New Mexico doing about exempting the citzens from the passed health care bill?
    What is the state AG King doing to protect us?
    Is there a more active web page with people fighting this?
    Just asking asking.

  2. dag37 Says:

    Read my comment for the previous blog post I win you lose.
    This is a HEAVY democrat state….With the Obama sweep, we lost all our Republicans to Democrats. We can only blame ourselves and the Republicans for forsaking Conservative Values and spending like crazy.

    EDIT: I’ve made 250 posts in 30 days, 64 comments received. Hope I eventually get more response.

    On the East Mt Tea Party web page, their are links to other NM Tea Party organizations. Check out all the areas of interest on our home page.

    We seem to be getting an interest from the Politicians running for Office this Novemeber. Democrat incumbents have been invited to meetings but have failed to show up. Apparently they are afraid of the questions we would ask or believe they are superior to us. Come on NOVEMBER…….

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