I could flood the blog with numerous articles and comments to no avail. America has not awakened enough yet. I think many are in a stupor still rubbing their eyes. NEXT: Immigration, Gun Control, Cap & Trade.

Whittling away at the ‘Bill of Rights’



3 Responses to “OBAMA – I WIN, YOU LOSE…….”

  1. thebiglie Says:

    Are people coming to this blog?
    I have been bloging on national tea party blogs. but i have a need to get active local.
    I am very fired up but i am having a had time finding people local.
    Any info would be great.

  2. dag37 Says:

    Just a month old. East Mt Tea Party in infancy. I joined because I was fired up but restrained by being a Caregiver for an elderly parent. The prime coordinators were good enough to establish this blog for me. I spend hours in a normal day, surfing the internet for news stories that push my buttons and I pass on, hoping I can get others fired up.
    The most I have had on one day is 21 visits. averaging 4 or 5 daily. Disappointing but we are in a rural area, with people spread out quite a bit and more than likely they don’t have good computer access or no computer at all.
    We must not cave in to Dem/media ignoring our Country’ plight. We must REALLY RALLY voters to the polls and outst these Socialist incumbents.

  3. thebiglie Says:

    Thanks for the info
    Look forward to more blogs, keep up the good fight.
    I am looking forward to bringing down Martin Heinrick votes 99% with party cheaper to buy a rubber stamp and send that to Washington!

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