If you can follow the legalese and arguement.
I know I had to jump thru hoops for my 1st born Son. Born in US Army Hospital Heidelberg Germany. Law required a German Birth Certificate. I was an American in the US Air Force, His Mother was a Resident Alien Green Card British Citizen, my wife and Dependant. I had to get a ‘Certificate of Birth Abroad’ from the State Dept, fancy document and fee. Get an American passport for him and when we got back to the States, I had to go thru all the paperwork and make him a ‘Naturalized Citizen’, before a Judge swearing for him as his Father. Illegals get a Birth Certificate and they are in……
Oh, and the law at the time, don’t know if it has changed by now. My son could not return to Germany at drafting age as he would be drafted for 18 mos or 2 yrs in the German Military. He is way past that age now. I know of a few that were EXPEDITED out of Germany, like a Black Ops movement when the Germans were coming for them. The Status of Forces Agreement between the two Countries did not forbid it. It was something new the Germans had found out about.



One Response to “A BIRTH RIGHT? MAYBE NOT!”

  1. thebiglie Says:

    Support Lt. Co. Terry Lakin!!
    (2010-2012) or sooner!!

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